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‘We’ve hit a little tag…’ an Ambassador update.

By January 22, 2021No Comments

Hello Tasmanians,

Cripps Ambassador here!

Recently I spoke to you about something very small which was very big. NOW I need to speak with you again, and I promise it’s not just because I love hearing my own voice (although lets be real, I do!)

As you know, Cripps recently changed from plastic bread closures to NEW recyclable cardboard ones. The new tags have been very popular, so popular in fact our stocks are running very low.

We were expecting our shipment of tags to arrive in this great nation of Tasmania on the 7th of January 2021. Unfortunately, due to the impacts of COVID-19 causing delays in international freight, the shipment has been delayed, we are expecting it very soon, real soon infact.

In the meantime, when you buy your loaf of Tasmania in the coming few weeks you will note that those pesky plastic tags have returned. I assure you Tasmania, this is only a temporary setback, it is nothing we could have planned for, but we apologise. As soon as the shipment arrives and it is almost here, we will be back using the unique 100% recyclable cardboard tags which are made from recyclable cardboard themselves, 100%.

Thankyou for your support Tasmania and remember that slice of Tasmania you enjoy so much is still the same….OH…. I can smell it now! Time for me to go and do some bread stuff, we will be back to the ‘new normal’ cardboard bread tags real soon.

Keep ‘Crippin it real’ Tasmania, just like we do,

The Cripps Ambassador.

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