Sustainability is important to us. Cripps is a proud Tasmanian company and we will continually strive to implement innovative and creative solutions that allow us to become a more sustainable business.

Please note that the Redcycle Soft Plastic collection scheme is currently suspended. 

Our Company Values

Full of Fresh Ideas

In December 2020 Cripps made the switch to recycled paper bread tags. Cripps bakes over 12 million loaves of bread per year & this change removes from landfill approx.13.23 m3 of plastic waste per year.

If all these plastic tags were placed end to end, they would cover 266 km which is the distance between Hobart and Sheffield. If they were stacked on top of each other they would stretch 13.7km high which is taller than Mount Everest.

Whilst the majority of plastic bread tags end up in landfill, some end up in coastal areas and river systems and can be lethal to birds and marine life. We are sure that Tasmanians will embrace this positive change.

Sustainable Development Goals

At Cripps, we are entirely committed to managing our impact on the environment, taking the best care of our employees and making positive contributions to our community. That’s why we have set goals to respond to a range of sustainability related issues which we believe are important to our business.

Impact #1

Waste Management

Cripps work in partnership with qualified principle contractors to complete the collection, disposal and recycling of our waste. Onsite, we provide multiple waste and recycling bins for employees and encourage using them. Currently a large proportion of our waste is repurposed into bread crumb or stock feed, working towards zero waste in landfill.

Impact #2

Climate Change

Cripps understands the increasing pressure climate change and weather patterns have on the environment and our buildings. Our aim is to operate and maintain high quality properties which are resilient and suitable to the local climate whilst also minimising our contribution to climate change.

We will continue to monitor the risk of climate change on our properties and take prudent steps to mitigate impacts, which may include adjustments to our preventative maintenance process and asset management procedures.

Impact #3

Reducing Energy + Water Consumption

In addition to looking into the feasibility of on-site energy generation systems, we aim to reduce energy consumption across our sites through implementing more natural lighting, energy efficient lighting, automated and sensor controlled lighting, energy efficient heating and residual baking heat re-circulation.

Cripps operates across Tasmania which typically has an abundant water supply. With that said, we will investigate how to reduce water consumption and manage waste; including rain water harvesting tanks, re-use in amenities and landscaping, efficient fixtures and drought tolerant plants and landscaping.

Impact #4

Biodiversity + Habitat/ Carbon Emissions

The majority of carbon emissions created by Cripps result from activities related to the consumption of natural gas and electricity by equipment used to fulfil our customer demands. We will be monitoring emissions across our sites with the goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Cripps recognises that its activities have an impact on the natural environment. We are committed to meeting applicable regulations and, despite operating in industrial urban areas, are committed to enhancing the local environment through participating in land rehabilitation, green corridors, using native species and more.

Impact #5

Sustainable + Ethical Sourcing/ Workplace

Cripps will continue to work closely with supply chain partners to identify and adopt innovations and new materials which lessen our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to operating in an ethical manner and aim to ensure our supply chain partners have values which align with our own; including having a commitment to sustainable practices, ingredients from sustainable sources and not engaging in modern day slavery/employing child workers.

Internally, Cripps has a ‘Diversity Strategy’ which aims to create a work environment free of harassment and discrimination, where all employees can contribute equally to our commercial goals. We are a workplace which celebrates diversity and it is a long term goal to increase the representation of female employees at all levels of our business.

So what?

Because we know that when you buy bread you’re shopping with tomorrow in mind. Your product choices align with your values.

That’s why we are striving to be innovative market leaders. We want to set the standard for sustainability in this great State and ensure that our bread is not only the best now, but better for generations to come.