Teddy Sheean VC ANZAC Biscuit Tins


The delicious crunch you experience when eating these Anzac biscuits comes from the perfect blend of quality ingredients.

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We are thrilled to release for a second time the ‘Teddy Sheean VC ANZAC Biscuit’ tin. Cripps Tasmanian ANZAC biscuits are made with Australian butter, golden syrup and rolled oats. Baked to perfection, these delicious, crisp biscuits deliver a rich buttery flavour that is truly Australian.

The story of Teddy Sheean is one of true bravery. On December 1 1942, in the Arafura Sea en route to Timor, HMAS Armidale was attacked three times by Japanese bombers, fighters and a float plane. HMAS Armidale was hit twice by torpedoes and the order was given to abandon the sinking ship. The aircraft returned to machine in the water. Teddy Sheean, although twice wounded, stayed at his post at the aft Oerlikon gin and began firing at the aircraft, bringing down one and damaging two others. He was still firing when the ship sank, drowning him.


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Weight 550 g
Dimensions 275 × 110 × 80 mm