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Looking for some inspiration? Our Cripps products are your perfect canvas. From simple, kid friendly recipes like Eggs + Soldiers, to gourmet mouthwatering pepperoni pizza – we have something to suit all tastes and times of day.

Lamb and Pomegranate Pizza


Trio of Mushrooms with Asparagus

Smoky Cheddar and Pumpkin Pizza

Mediterranean Muffin Vegetable Stack

Pikelet Lemon Curd Trifle

Chilli French Toast

Cinnamon Pear and Apple Fruit Toast

Chicken Waldorf Turkish Sub

Banana Caramel Baked Pudding

Low Carb Salmon Burger

Sugar Free French Toast

Crumpet Pudding

Cheesy Sizzle Bread

Big Breakfast Wrap

Red Eye Rolls

Fancy Croutons

Turkey and Cranberry Pizza

Classic Chicken Salad Roll

Warm Spinach and Bacon Dip Bowl

Best Ever Hotdogs

Cheese and Garlic Sourdough Pull-apart

Not your ‘average’ Steak Sandwich

Savoury Picnic Cups

BBQ Beef Sliders

Fig and Prosciutto Muffins

Big Breakfast Wrap

Spanakopita Jaffles

Herbed Sandwich Spread

Traffic Light Sandwiches

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Blackberry and Brie Pizza

Hungry Caterpillars for Hungry Kids

Falafel Wraps with Quinoa Tabbouleh

Cripps Chips

Roasted Vegetable & Halloumi Turkish Bread

Ultimate Christmas Toastie

Turkey and Cranberry Pizza

Pork San Choy Bow Wraps

Lower Carb Rolls

Original Wraps

Ancient Grains Wraps

Extreme Wellness Wraps

Spinach & Herbs Wraps


Fruit Buns

Crumpet Splits

English Muffins

Fruit Muffins

Sourdough Grain & Seed Muffins

Fruit Loaf

Thick Cut Fruit Loaf

Cripps Twin Pack Pizza Bases

Cripps Artisan Pizza Bases

Mediterranean Smashed Chickpea Wrap

Tandoori Chicken Wrap

Beef Gozleme

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

French Toast Wraps

Edamame and Veg Wrap

Tuna and Hommus Wrap

Teriyaki Tofu and Kimchi Wrap

Pepperoni Pizza

Peanut Chicken Wrap