4 slices of Eliza’s White Vitamin Plus
Spread of your choice
2 lettuce leaves
1 large tomato
2 slices of cheese


By this stage in the year it’s getting harder and harder to come up with lunch box fillers that are fresh, healthy and interesting that will also get eaten. Step away from the video tutorials that show you how to make an adorable teddy bear out of bread, nobody has time for that.

Make these fun and fast traffic light sandwiches instead. Take the traditional cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich and give it a healthy twist by creating fun traffic lights out of our new Eliza’s White Vitamin Plus bread.


  1. Spread the bread with your choice of spread.
  2. Take two slices and a small cookie cutter and cut three rows of three holes from the bread (eat the pieces as a snack.)
  3. Slice the tomato thinly and lay a row across the top of each piece of whole bread.
  4. Fold the cheese slices in half and lay them across the centre, under the tomato.
  5. Finish off by laying lettuce leaves across the bottom.
  6. Top with the cut bread and press down lightly but firmly.
  7. Cut into fingers.

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