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Cripps are thrilled to announce our new partnership with REDcycle.
As a business, we will continually strive to become more sustainable. The implementation of cardboard bread tags on all mainstream products (put in place in December 2020) was a huge step in the right direction – removing 12 million bread tags from Tasmanian landfill per year.
Upon implementing this change – many customers questioned when we would move away from using plastic bags. Whilst we are continually exploring packaging options, our partnership with REDcycle has the potential to remove a huge amount of plastic from landfill, IF you, our loyal Cripps fans, get involved too!
So, who are REDcycle and how can you get involved?
REDcycle are a Melbourne based company who turn soft plastics into benches, play equipment and over 200 other products. In 2020 alone, REDcycle recovered, recycled and diverted 1 billion pieces of plastic from landfill. That’s equivalent to 1080 elephants! Visit the REDcycle website to learn more.
You can be involved by dropping off your Cripps bread bags (and any other soft plastics you collect) to a Coles or Woolworths REDcycle bin. Please note that drop off bins can vary in appearance from store to store, but they all display the REDcycle logo shown in the image above.
We are currently in the process of phasing in the REDcycle logo onto our packaging. So we can create awareness and work together to promote this great initiative, please share this with your fellow Tasmanians.