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Cripps Nubake Pty Ltd (Cripps) will become the first large scale bakery in Australia to remove micro-plastic bread tags from its entire bread product range from the 7th of December 2020.

Annually Cripps produces 12 million loaves of bread for the Tasmanian market and each loaf is closed with a micro plastic bread tag.  From the 7th of December, Cripps entire bread production will be closed with a new cardboard tag which is recyclable itself, and it is made from 100% recyclable cardboard too.

The move will remove from landfill approx. 13.23 m3 of plastic waste per year in Tasmania.  If all these plastic tags were placed end to end, they would cover 266 km which is the distance between Hobart and Sheffield.  If they were stacked on top of each other they would stretch 13.7km high which is taller than Mount Everest.

The new cardboard tag is as durable and user friendly as the old plastic tag and they are easier to print on which makes the best before date easier to read for all consumers.

Cripps has been looking for environmentally sustainable options to plastic tags for several years and we are very excited to bring this initiative to Tasmania.  Whilst the majority of plastic tags from bread bags go into land fill some of them find their way into streams, rivers and waterways where they can become lethal to marine life and birds especially over the summer period when Tasmanian’s gravitate to beaches and coastal areas and they take their daily bread with them.

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