Community Grants & Donations

We’re passionate advocates and supporters of the Tasmanian community. That’s why we started our Dough for the People Community Grants.

Cripps receives hundreds of requests for donations and sponsorship every year, and while we’d love to support everyone that applies for our community grants, unfortunately this is not possible. Instead, requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests are assessed on their individual merits and against other requests.

Our Community Grants are now closed for the 2024/25 Financial Year. However, if you’d like to apply for donated/discounted product, please read below before making an application.

Dough for the People

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our 2024/2025 Dough for the People Community Grants. We would like to thank all individuals that applied for our grants across the various categories and wish you all the best in your future endeavours. All grant recipients were selected based on the impact our support could provide within their local communities, and against other applications and existing commitments.

2024/2025 Grant Recipients

Cripps ‘Starter’ Grants are open to individuals selected to represent Tasmania/Australia in National or International events, helping them rise to their special occasion by providing the best start possible. During the 24/25 FY, these grants will be awarded in:

  • 1 $1000 grant awarded, July 24 – Tobias Scott. Toby has been selected in the U18 National Indoor Cricket Championships in Victoria.
  • 1 $1000 grant awarded, October 24 – Patty Best. Patty is a Para Cyclist athlete who we are assisting so he can attend the 2024 Enduro Nationals in Perth.
  • 1 $1000 grant awarded, November 24 – Tim Belstead. Tim is a Triathlete, and we are assisting him in his travels to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Taupo.
  • 1 $1000 grant awarded, November 25 – Bailey Van Camp. Bailey is a 15-year-old Heptathlete who competes Nationally in a range of sports. She has recently been selected to represent Australia in the Oceania Games. Our support will assist her in her ongoing travel and uniform expenses.

Dough for the People ‘Mixture’ Grants

Cripps ‘Mixture’ Grants are open to any clubs, organisations or community groups within Tasmania who require assistance to provide facilities or services which are beneficial to their local community. During the 24/25 FY, these grants will be awarded in:

  • 1 $1000 grant awarded, July 24 – Therapy Paws Tasmania
  • 1 $2000 grant awarded, September 24 – Deloraine Football Club
  • 1 $1000 grant awarded, October 24 – Premaydena Cricket Club
  • 1 $1000 grant awarded, February 25 – TBC
  • 1 $2000 grant awarded, March 2025 – Risdon Vale Primary School Association
  • 1 $1000 grant awarded, June 25 – Geeveston Community Centre

Dough for the People ‘Rise’ Grants

Cripps ‘Rise’ grants are open to organisations and individuals who are fundraising for medical assistance, equipment, or research. During the 24/25 FY, these grants will be awarded in:

  • 1 $1500 grant awarded, August 24 – Archie’s 100
  • 1 $1000 grant awarded October 24 – Richmond Junior Cadet Brigade
  • 1 $5000 grant awarded, December 24 – Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation
  • 1 $2500 grant awarded, April 25 – Southeast United Football Club

2023/ 2024 Grant Recipients

Listed below are the organisations/groups/individuals that we have had the pleasure of supporting in 2023/24 through either a sponsorship, community grant or product donation.

  • Geeveston Community Centre – Annual Sponsorship
  • Kingborough Tigers Football Club – Annual Sponsorship
  • Kingborough Crows Cricket Club – Annual Sponsorship
  • The Black Dog Institute – product donation/contribution
  • Individual ‘Community Grant’ to Amy Bracken, assisting her to travel to the National BMX Championships
  • ‘Community Grant’ to ‘Archie’s 100’
  • Community Grant to ‘Australian Disc Golf Championship’ event
  • ‘Community Grant’ to Northern Tasmanian Axeman’s Association
  • ‘Community Grant’ to the ‘Tasmanian Junior Beef Expo’
  • Individual ‘Community Grant’ to Benson O’Brian, assisting him to travel to the National Futsal Championships
  • Product donation/contribution – Weymouth Progress Association Community Barbeque
  • Product donation/contribution – Huon Valley Golf Club
  • Product donation/contribution – U10 State Futsal team fundraising Barbeque
  • ‘Community Grant’ to Huonville Lions Football Club (Juniors) to cover the cost of new bibs.
  • ‘Community Grant’ to Huon Valley Netball association, to cover the indoor court fees of the U11 team.
  • Individual ‘Community Grant’ to para-athlete Izzy King, to help her travel to the Chemist Warehouse Track and Field in Adelaide.
  • Individual ‘Community Grant’ to Arielle Cannell, to travel to the National Athletics Championships in Adelaide.
  • ‘Community Grant’ to Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania

Product Donations

Unfortunately, we can’t donate product free of charge. However, we welcome any requests for donations of product, which can be supplied at a reduced cost to help with fundraising efforts.

Please provide at least two weeks’ notice so we are able to consider your request.

Dough for the People / Product Donation Form